Project in Guangzhou Metro: HZP40 Bridge Girder Segment Lifter

Project in Guangzhou Metro: HZP40 Bridge Girder Segment Lifter

HZP40 bridge girder segment lifter introduced here is to meet the erect requirement of segment box girder in 40m span, which has been completed. If you are looking for a professional bridge building crane manufacture, please contact ZZHZ at 86-371-68000000 or Email us:

Below are HZP40 bridge girder segment lifter for Guangzhou Metro for your reference.

HZP40 bridge girder segment lifter is mainly made up of outriggers, main beam, guide beam, lifting trolley, spreader, auxiliary outrigger, electrical and hydraulic system and etc. The overall self weight is about 433t.

The HZP40 bridge girder segment lifter can be adjusted in three-dimensional method over spreader, which is very convenient. After construction, entirely lower girder technology can realize the stress system transmission of the bridge girders.

Advantages of HZP40 Bridge Girder Segment Lifter:

1. Available to erect segment box girders in 40m span.
2. Available to erect the box girders at the first and last span.
3. Overall equipment is symmetrical in structure and can work in two directions.
4. Move forward automatically and pass spans.
5. Meet wet joint construction.
6. Connect with guide beam and main girder with hinge joint. Suit for small curve construction.

Applicable Working Condition of HZP40 bridge girder segment lifter:

1. Altitude:≤2000m
2. Operational Temperature: -20℃~+50℃ (Main material: Q345B)
3. Max Wind Pressure(Operation Mode):
    Erection----6     Pass span----5
4. Max Wind Pressure (Non-operation Mode): 11
5. Applicable Longitudinal Slope: ≤±5%
   Applicable Transverse Slope: ≤±5%
6. Applicable Curve Radius: ≥500m
7. Available to operate in night and the light is enough.

Main Design Standards of HZP40 bridge girder segment lifter:

1. Overall Working Group: A3   Mechanism Working Group: M4
2. Utilize Group: U0         Load Condition: Q3
3. Safety Factor of Lifting Steel Wire Rope: ≥6
4. Safety Factor of Structural Strength: ≥1.5
5. Safety Factor of Transmission Components: ≥1.5
6. Safety Factor of Anti-overturn: ≥1.5
7. Static Deflection of Main Girder in Mid Span:  f≤S/500
8. Vertical Static Deflection of Cantilever of Guide Beam:  f≤L/350

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