Top Tips about Hydraulic System of Lifting Equipments

Top Tips about Hydraulic System of Lifting Equipments


Cranes and hoists regard hydraulic pressure as dynamic power and there are always all types of hydraulic devices. Therefore, if the operators haven’t comply with relative regulations, not only the lifting equipments can show their characteristics to the fullest, but also their service life will be shortened. During the operation, we should obey rules of hoisting machines as following:

1.Before crane operation, it is necessary to make sure whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient judging from level window of the oil box. If it is under the scale mark, the operators must add it top up. And the oil should be added through special screen and it is not allowed to mix different brands of oil or water.

2.Operators should check the filter element of fuel strainer after working for 250 hours. Cleaning and changing is also necessary.

3.As to hydraulic tank, water and impurity should be cleared away from the bottom every two weeks and changed all the hydraulic oil every year or after working for 2000 hours. If there is not something degenerative, it is allowed for the operators of hoisting equipment to prolong the oil change period. When the lifting equipments are working under odious circumstances, oil change period should be shortened according to fact condition.

4.All the valves of hydraulic system have been fully tested and pressure and flow has been adjusted before delivery. Please do not touch or change them at random.

5.It is not allowed for dust or dirt to adhere to all components, especially different devices of hydraulic system. After finishing work, the operators should clear away dust and greasy dirt.

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