Dynamic System of HZY900t Girder Carrying Vehicle

HZY900t Girder Transporter Girder Carrying Vehicle
In this article, Amy will talk details about dynamic system of HZY900t girder carrying vehicle.

The motor of HZY900t girder transporter is DEUTZ BF8M1015. BFM1015 series is the most advanced water-cooled diesel engine. Its power scope ranges from 190KW to 440KW, which can reach Euro Ⅲ emission standard.Low emission, low noise, low fuel, it is designed with new technology such as DEUTZ oil supply system, inter-cooler, four-valve, center fuel injector and etc.

Detail technology parameters are as following:
1. Engine Type: water-cooling and turbocharging inter-cooling diesel engine.
2. Specification and Manufacture: DEUTZ BF8M1015CP
3. Rated Output (SAE Standard): 400KW
4. Power Reserve Factor: 1.35
5. Max Torque: 2.365 KNm/1300 rpm
6. Displacement: 15.874 L
7. Cylinder Bore *Stroke: 132×145 mm
8. Fuel Consumption (under SAE Rated Output): ≤189 g/kw.h
9. Storage Battery
   Type: 6-QA-210
   Amount: 4 single engines ( 2 connects in series, 8 engines in total.)
   Voltage: 12 V ( Each series provide voltage with 24V after being connected.)
   Capacity: 210 * 4 = 840AH (24V Voltage)
10. Generator: 28.5V×140A, 2 generators
11. Emission Grade: Euro Ⅱ
12. Fuel Capacity: 2×1200=2400 L
13. Monitoring System: engine oil pressure, coolant temperature, liquid level of coolant and oil level gage of engine oil
14. Weight: 1060 kg

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