Top 6 Beautiful Railway Line in the World
As it comes to beauty, it is not a new topic. Of course, either way you look at it, it is highly personal decision. In this article, I’m writing about the top 6 beautiful railway line in the world, which was voted by the Guardian. Let’s enjoy it.
1. Norway: Oslo - Bergen
This railway line in high latitudes cross countless beautiful fjords, glaciers. snow-capped mountains and spiral tunnels. Both hometowns of Munch and Grieg are connected by Oslo-Bergen Railway.
The magnificent railway has a long history. On 27th November 1909, HAAKON, who was the king of Norway, personally presided the opening ceremony for the Oslo-Bergen railway construction. 
It was very difficult to built the railway because it was built on the mountain with 1,301 meters above the sea level. In general, in Stephens after a snow, 4-5 meters deep snow is common. However, in 1913, the snow was as deep as eight meters in Stephens. In order to keep the trail running, the workers to repair the railway faced enormous challenges from nature. They built 60 kilometers snow barrier to prevent avalanches, as well as 184 tunnels and 55 stations.
2. Davos (Switzerland) - Tirano (Italy)

Davos - Tirano Railway got the most praise among the scenic railway line in Swiss. At the speed of 20 kilometers per hour, the railway line is not very long. However, you will not wish it run too fast. On the mid-way, passengers will pass through 196 bridges in Southern Alps and 55 tunnels. With the highest elevation of 2253m, the Davos - Tirano railway line has been listed of the Natural and Cultural Heritage in the World.
It takes 4 hours for the whole railway line and the altitude difference of 1828m in the volcano, which the railway line passes through will bring you chemical feeling. Window outside is presented for visitors with ever-changing scenery, In addition, when running from German-speaking to Italian region, the different views between towns and countries are attractive.

3. South Africa: Pretoria - Cape Town

Rovos train can be regarded as one of the most luxury in the world. Elegant, classical and comfortable, each carriage of the Rovos train is a work of art. The rail line passes through southern grasslands of South Africa. Looking up, passengers will see the stars. Looking down, they will encounter the flat prairie and wild animals. Beautiful scenery will bring everyone imagination. Waterfall pouring on the way, sunflowers blossoming in the farms, ostrich haunting in the valley, the train will also stay at the station of gold mine. At night, the moon rises from secret desert and passes through beautiful vineyards next morning, finally your eyes will be attracted by the Table Mountain. It will take 27 hours to finish the whole travel.
4. Australia: Adelaide - Darwin


Opened in 2004, the total length if this railway is 1852 miles, running through the whole central district of Australia from south to north. Shuttling between the vineyards and desert, passengers can see the kangaroos eating grass. The traveling distance is 50 hours.
5. Peru: Cusco - Machu Picchu


Starting from the ancient capital of the Inca Empire Cuzco (probably highest in the history of the capital), ending in the lost city called Machu Picchu in Peru. Machu Picchu is a holy land in the eyes of Peru people and it witnessed the civilization of the ancient Inca. 
If you take Xinlang - Bingham train to go into the mountains along the Andes, Machu Picchu will bring you more fascinating mystery feeling. The luxury train has only 4 pieces of carriages, a passenger car with dining room, a bar car, 
And if the ride Xilang - Bingham train to, along the Andes into the mountains, Machu Picchu are more fascinating mystery feeling. This column luxury train only four cars, a passenger car and dining car, a bar car, a terrace, car, and a car is equipped with ultra-modern kitchen. Luxury cars, make Cuba become comfortable trip. The arrival terminal, with its majestic Machu Picchu grand momentum, stands proudly between the sublime unparalleled mountains, V-shaped ancient buildings, well-proportioned ground floor sprinkle steep cliffs on both sides, the bottom water rapids The ridge. The kind of spectacular and shocking feeling, along the way after a long wait ago.
6. China: Xining - Lhasa

Xining - Lhasa railway line is located in 5000m height above the sea level, at a total length of 2703 miles, Qianghai - Tibet railway is full of snowy mountains all the way, tundra forever. There is equipped with oxygen bag for the Qinghai - Tibet railway and every passengers will sign a registration card. The most exciting moment is to go through Tanggula into the territory of Tibet. Qinghai - Tibet railway is filled up with beauty along the way, even though you are traveling on the train. There are 9 stations in total as tour desks. Qinghai - Tibet railway pass through the QInghai Lake, Kunlun Mountains, Hoh Xil, grassland in northern Tibet, Potala Palace and other famous scenic spots in the world to attract overseas tourists hiking plateau.

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