Top 8 Miracles China Highway Construction has been Created in the World
In last 10 years, China highway construction not only be spoken highly of by our own Chinese people, but also it won attention from worldwide. Now let’s summarize the reasons why Chinese highway construction attract attraction from all over the world. 
1. The longest running mileage 
By the end of 2014, China’s railway running mileage reached 110,000km, of which high-speed railway mileage is 16,000km. The figure means that China has reached half of world total highway mileage, it is the first China Top One.
2. The fastest construction speed
In 2004, China has embarked on the road of introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation on highway construction. In the last short 10 years, China has developed a mature “four vertical and four horizontal” high-speed railway network. It has been predicted that China highway running mileage will reach 18,000km and total length of China highway has been above 40,000km, almost covering a city with 500,000 population. 
3. The highest highway speed ------ 486.1km/h
In fact, 486.1km/h is similar with  jet aircraft cruising at a low speed. On December 3th, Beijing ----- Shanghai highway, from Zaozhuang to Bengbu testing section, a new generation high-speed train CRH380AL created an amazing speed at 486.1km/h, which is the first fastest railway speed in the world.
4. The highest --605 kilometers per hour wheel track test
In December 2011, a faster speed test train ------ 500km/h designed speed, which was designed and manufactured by China CSR Cooperation Ltd. In the highway history, China has created a 605km/h test speed, which is the first highest track test speed in the world.
5. The highest level highway in the world ------ Beijing-Shanghai Highway
In June 2011, Beijing-Shanghai Highway put into operation, which is the longest-built highway at one-off with most strict standard. It runs through Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, connecting two economic zones that is Yangtze River and Bohai Sea. The total length of Beijing-Shanghai Highway is 1,318km. Beijing and Shanghai are the most prosperous cities in China, Beijing-Shanghai Highway connects them, therefore the dedicated line is very welcomed, even reach a traffic of billions. On July 1st 2014, which was the third anniversary of operation of Beijing-Shanghai Highway, it has been announced that it has began to earn. And it is also expected that to achieve full-year profit of 1.2 billion yuan.
6. The first new-built high-cold highway in the world ------ Harbin-Dalian Highway
On December 1st 2012, China’s first, also world’s first new-built in extreme cold district high-speed railway ------ Harbin-Dalian highway began to put into operation. Its operation mileage is 921km, designed speed is 350km/h, runs through Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces. There are 23 stations set in total. According to meteorological records in last 30 years. The biggest temperature differences among the three northeastern provinces has reached 80℃, which is the coldest and in also the biggest temperature difference in China. Chinese high-speed railway has the ability to withstand the test, it is worthwhile to be praised.
7. The longest and the only highway in the world ------ Beijing-Guangzhou Highway
December 26th 2012, Beijing-Guangzhou highway operation mileage is opened. Beijing-Guangzhou highway is at a total length of 2298 km, north begin with Beijing, pass cross Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Changsha, south to Guangzhou, its designed speed is 350km/h. It is been demonstrated that one highway will stimulate the local economy, it is true.
8. The longest mileage highway one-off built in the world ------ Lanzhou-Xinjiang highway
On December 2014, Lanzhou-Xinjiang highway began to run though its all line, whose total mileage is 1776 km. It is the first highway with the longest legend in the world. Besides, it also created other miracles, for example: firstly, it pass through the four biggest wind area------ Yandun, hundred miles, thirty miles and Daban city. Secondly, Lanzhou-Xinjiang highway pass through Takla Makan desert and Gurban tawfiq desert, which is the first highway pass through desert area with big wind. Thirdly, it traverse cross Turpan Depression, which is the lowest attitude in China. Fourthly, the Lanzhou-Xinjiang highway pass through Qilian Mountain tunnel. The highest attitude in Qilianshan tunnel is 3607.4m, which is the highest tunnel in the world.

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