China and India will Cooperate for India Highway Construction Project

On May 16th, 2015, Modi, who is the Indian prime minister, came to visit China. Yesterday morning, Li Keqiang, premier of Chinese state council held talks at the Great Hall with him. After the meeting, both the two leaders witnessed sign of the 24 cooperation documents among railway construction, mining, education, aerospace, quality, film, oceanography, seismology science and political parties, think tanks and regional exchanges. On that day, the joint statement released that both India and China agreed to seek a political settlement of the border issue, the two countries agreed to establish a border meeting site between the two countries.
The statement point out that, the increase of bilateral trade and investment between both countries have promoted the overall development of bilateral relations and provide support for their economic increase and development. Based on the context, the leaders agreed to adopt necessary measures to eliminate barriers of bilateral trade and investment barrier. The two countries support to strengthen trade and investment on both local exchanges, such as medicine, technology service, tourism, textiles and agricultural products.
Both sides are determined to take measures to alleviate the imbalance in bilateral trade problem and achieve the sustainable development of bilateral trade. These measures include further strengthen drug regulation to speed up business ties with China, which includes tourism, movie, health care, information technology and logistics and etc.
The two leaders of the two sides to carry out measures to railway cooperation taken and is satisfied with the progress made, including India Chennai - Bangalore - Mysore road speed, Delhi - Nagapore high-speed rail feasibility study, heavy transportation training and the establishment of railway university. In the future, both China and India will speed up the railway construction based on the cooperation of railway and highway infrastructure development.

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