Chinese Company Won Russian High-speed Railway Project Bidding, at a Cost of $ 21.3 Billion

On 12th May,2015, CRCC published an announce that they have won the bidding of Moscow-Kazan highway project on survey and design as a union type with Russian company. Recently, the discussion about detail highway construction plan, cooperation and management mechanism is on the way and the formal agreement will be signed at the end of May.
1. It will be finished before the World Cup in 2018.
In November 2008, Russia has mentioned a <Transportation Development Strategy Program before 2013>, Moscow-Kazan Highway is one of the projects, which will extend to Ekaterinburg in the future. The total distance of Moscow-Kazan highway is 770km, the highest designed speed is 400km/h, the track gauge is 1520mm. After finishing the high-speed railway, the train running time will be decreased from 14 hours down to 3.5 hours. The project will be finished before the World Cup in 2018. The execution time of the China-Russia highway project will begin from 2015 and end in 2016 at a cost of 20 billion rubles signed in the contract.
2. China highway construction technology and equipment will be mainly adopted.
''Not only the speed of 400km/h is the fastest designed highway speed in the world until now, but also it will be a project under cold working surrounding. The project will mainly apply Chinese highway machinery and technology.”said Mr Ying Zhu,the general manager of CRCC. Most terrain of Moscow-Kazan highway will be under alpine, however, China has rather rich experience on cold highway construction and motor train unit equipment. It has been world famous news that Haerbin-Dalian highway project in China has been finished in December 1st, 2012, which is the first high speed railway crossing extreme cold area in the world. Haerbin-Dalian motor highway can be good running under -50℃.
3. China will provide partial financing for the project.
It has been predicted that the construction cost of Moscow-Kazan highway will reach 1.0683 trillion rubles, approximately about 21.3 billion dollars. China will provide a portion of financing for the project. Along the project line, it will go through some important cities, such as Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary and Kazan. Above cities are in a large population and rapid increasing intercity passenger flow. Recent railway network must be enlarge to meet the demand of passengers. After finishing the project, most tourist attractions along the line will be combined through the highway project and then form an excellent gold tourism belt, which will be benefit for the integrating these tourism resource and fasten the development of tourism along the line. It also elevated that the total passengers flow will be increased to 10.5 million in 2020.
4. Moscow Highway will connect with China directly in the future.
As we all know, the total distance is 7,000km and last 6 days from Beijing to Moscow by train. Yes, it is so far. Now the problem will be solved immediately. “Moscow-Kazan Highway is an important element of Russian highway network program, a demonstration line of passenger channel and it is also the central line of Russian 2nd highway, which begins from Moscow and end with Yekaterinburg”, said Hegen Dai, president of CRCC.
In the planned, the path of Moscow-Kazan highway will be Kazan ---- Yekaterinburg ---- Astana ---- Urumqi Xinjiang (China) ---- Lanzhou to Xinjiang passenger line ---- Baoji to Lanzhou passenger line ---- Xi’an to Baoji passenger line ---- Zhengzhou Xuzhou highway ---- Beijing to Shanghai highway ---- Beijing to Guangzhou highway ---- Haerbin to Dalian highway, finally it will reach Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Haerbin and other important cities in China. It will also get to Europe mainland by Moscow-St. Petersburg highway and St. Petersburg-Helsinki highway.
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