Main Structure of HZQ 50/160 Bridge Building Crane <2>

HZQ50/160 Bridge Building Crane

In this article, I wil introduce outriggers of HZQ 50/160 bridge building crane, which is widely used for bridge construction projects in highway and railway.

Front Outriggers

1. Front outriggers include support, outer sleeve, inner sleeve, hydro-cylinder, pin and wheel box.

2. Support is welded with box iron, which there are bolt holes to connect with girder. In the middle of support there is a square connection plate welded and a round hole is opened in the plate middle. Around the round hole there are 8*φ32 bolt holes to keep connect inner sleeve with outer sleeve.

3. Outer sleeve is welded by steel tube and there is a flange at the top. Outer sleeve is connected with flange and support and there exists a pin hole at the bottom of outer sleeve, so that outer sleeve and inner sleeve can be linked together.

4. Inner sleeve is also welded with steel tube and there is a lifting lug upside. On the lifting lug there is a pin hole to connect it  with oil cylinder. Under outrigger there are also six pin holes, which are used for connecting outer sleeve. Flange is under the inner sleeve and connect with rotary plate by bolts. There is a round hole in rotary plate, which is designed and applied to link with wheel box.

5. Wheel box is made of box body, walking axle and cycloid reducer.Output shaft of the reducer is equipped with a pinion, which connects with rack wheel. The wheel gear will drive reducer to work.

6. Oil cylinder is installed on the top of inner sleeve. It links girder with inner sleeve over pins so that it will help realize the rising and falling of front outriggers.

Middle Outriggers

1. Middle outriggers are composed of inner and outer sleeves, steering flange, spindle, wheel box support, wheel box and pins.

2. Middle outriggers are installed below the round girder and can rotate and stretch. Hydraulic oil cylinder will jack the main girder firstly, which installed on the back of outriggers. After wheel box leaves the track, middle outriggers can finish rotating.

Back Outriggers

Composed of bracket, inner & outer sleeve, rotary disk, wheel box and pin roll, back outriggers are installed on the main longitudinal beam and its  structure is similar with front wheel box. However, oil cylinder is installed outside. If the angle of wheel box need to be changed, it is necessary to operate according to the method of middle outriggers.

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