1, Install the driving device of moving system of the overhead crane on the cross girder.
2, Connect main girder and cross girder with high tension bolts referring to figure 2-a and figure 2-b. it should be guaranteed that shear shoulder on main girder connection plate should keep flat with horizontal plane of cross girder connection plate. To be on the safe side, it is allowed for users to make a slight but not too full welding on a, b and c by referring to the drawing to avoid deformation. Main girder and cross girder check after installation can be done in accordance with standard JB1306-94, corrosion and burr on the joint place of main girder and cross girder should be cleaned before installation.
3, Install crane electrical equipment such as over-travel limit switch and switch box on the cross girder, connect related electrical parts, debug two crane moving motors to keep them move to the same direction