Operating environment, situation and usage frequency are usually considered as the condition of selection of rope of gantry cranes. In general, the rope should have excellent toughness. The linear contact lay wire rope can be selected firstly when the rope winds the sliding wheel and drum. And galvanized wire rope can be selected in the corrosive environment.
The rope with asbestos core or metal core is usually used in high temperature
It usually adopts the rope of regular lay (converse twist) in order to work reliably and avoid whirling.
Selecting the correct safety factor according to working class and using in order to save the life of rope. In accordance with the design rules of crane (GB3811-83), the diameter can be counted by the formula of maximum working static tensile: d=cs
 d——the minimum diameter of rope(㎜)
c——selectivity factor (㎜/N)
s——the maximum static tensile of rope(N)
Selectivity factor C can be selected from the following table according to safety factor n and working class. The ratio e of diameters of rope (d) and sliding wheel (D) and the ratio e of diameters of drum (D1) and rope (d) can be chosen suitably in terms of it. When choosing rope, we should use approximate formula to account the static force, and then measure the ratio relationship of the drum, sliding wheel and the diameter of rope which should meet the minimum ratio.