ZZHZ(zzhz.com) has very rich experience of producing gantry cranes ; therefore, it can give us some advice to use the electric hoist: 
checking before use
1, There shouldn’t have blocks on the road which the goods pass and the operator walks.
2, The action of the manual button should be flexible and motor and reducer should run without noise.
3, The brake is flexible and reliable
4, The rails of electric hoist shouldn’t have any things
5, The action of upper and down limiting device should be correct.
6, The arresting nut of hook should be fixed.
7, Horizontal and vertical turning of hook should be flexible
8, The pulley of hook should turn flexible.
9, There shouldn’t have obvious defects,
10, The auxiliary lifting sling runs normally.
11, The working temperature of hoist is -25~+40℃
12, The electric hoist isn’t applicable to the environment which is full of corrosive gas or relative humidity exceeds 85%.
13, The electric hoist shouldn’t lift goods from side, and overload is prohibited.
14, The limiting device shouldn’t be used to stop lifting or running by persons.
15, The power should be cut off after working