Top 3 Notice Before Gantry Crane Operation

Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd (short for ZZHZ) a leading manufacturer in China specialize in bridge construction equipment, such as gantry crane, bridge girder launcher and girder transporter for highway and high speed railway. Especially gantry cranes made my ZZHZ are widely used for workshops, seaside, port, mountainous area and etc. Before use, it is necessary for operators of gantry crane to have a careful inspection. So, what parts need to be checked? Below are as your reference:

1. Whether all kinds of protective cover, guardrail, guard board and ladder of the gantry crane are complete and reliable.
2. Whether there is fender or shield for rotary accessories of the gantry crane, such as coupling, chain and chain wheel, driving bell and etc.
3. Whether there is guard railing for pedestrian pathway and ladder of the gantry crane.
4. Whether there is rain cover for outdoor electrical appliances of gantry crane.
5. Whether the design and type for brake of gantry crane meet relative stndard.
6. Whether there are flaws related to pull rod and spring for braker of gantry crane.
7. Whether there is serious abrasion for pin roll, arbor, brake wheel, brake lining.
8. Whether there is oil leak for hydraulic system of gantry crane.
9. Whether brake clearance adjustment and brake ability can meet the demand of gantry crane.

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