Technical Standard of HZP140 Segment Lifter for Guangzhou Metro
HZP140 segment lifter for Guangzhou Metro
Our HZP140 segment lifter designed and manufactured for Guangzhou Metro can meet the following standards:

1. The HZP40 segment lifter bridge girder launcher is up-stroke type, which in simple structure and high construction efficiency. It has been a strong and perfect assistance to find the exact connecting position for bridge segments. The overall HZP40 segment lifter bridge girder launcher can be divided into different parts and then satisfy the requirements of transportation in highway.

2. Before adjustment of the HZP40 bridge girder launcher, all the bridge segments must be picked up and lifted to the right position. After main beam is deformed, the box girder segments must be micro-adjusted over the spreader of the overhead lifting hoist, which can rotate in 360°and ±2% slope adjustment in both directions. Two cycloidal pin gear speed reducers are driving devices for the rotation of spreader, frequency converting control and stable movement. Two hydraulic oil cylinders will be applied to adjust slope.

HZP140 Segment Lifter

3. The type of bridge girder segment lifter adopts PLC programmed control technology and equipped with remote control device. Both moving and lifting mechanisms use frequency control technology.

4. All hydraulic control systems are in separate units and each outrigger is equipped with an independent pump station, which is convenient to repair and transport.

5. Designed symmetrically and can realize bridge erection in both directions, HZP40 segment lifter is in simple working process and high efficiency.

6. The segment lifter adopts entirety falling girder technology, so that its stress system can be changed stable.After finish tension the weight of precast girders still centralize on the main beam over deformed steel bars, while the weight can pass to piers through middle outriggers. The changing system need to pass the weight of precast segments to piers directly. Jacking oil cylinder of middle outriggers will help fall the entire bridge girder steady and reliable, which can avoid doing any damage to precast segments and hanging deformed steel bars.

7. The HZP40 segment lifter bridge girder launcher is equipped with safety supervisor system and provide function with data display and transfer.

8. Both lifting and moving mechanisms adopt frequency control technology.

9. Cable drum of the segment lifter adopts multi-feed power supply system.

10. The segment lifter is designed with enough light source to ensure the operating in night.

11. Driver’s Cab has a broad vision and it is equipped with the following devices: Operation of human-computer interface, schematized device for monitor and warning, all kinds of operating handles and control buttons, voltmeter, ampere meter, load limiter display instrument, anemometer, failure warning system, phonetic system, air-conditioner, and etc.

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