How to Install Anti-collision Device for a Bridge Erection Crane?

How to Install Anti-collision Device for a Bridge Erection Crane?

Anti-collision safety device is a necessity for a bridge erection crane, which is a kind of hoist machine on an elevated track.

Below are three tips about how to install anti-collision safety device:
1. In alignment with optical axis of the sensor for detecting distance, launching plate will be installed on an object opposite to the detector.
2. Voice guide for alarm is installed in the driver’s cab, connecting with cables according to the wiring drawing.
3. After the cable connecting is finished and make sure it is correct, switch on the power and begin to work.

And here I’d like to introduce the components of anti-collision safety device:

1. Controller for distance detection.
The application of the controller is to deal with the received signal from laser distance detector. It can make a series of action.

2. Laser distance detector.
It is used for shooting the light beams onto the baffle board, receiving the feedback signals from baffle board and provide the host computer with the information to calculate the distance from bridge erection crane to the object under test.

3. Baffle board.
Baffle board can reflex the laser directional with minimum loss.

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