The Reasons of Hot Temperature in Engine


It is necessary for engineering machinery industry to work normally. Once there is some problem in engine,there will be a bad effect on the production. So, it is primary for machinery workers to have some skill about engine's basic information and the measure that should to take in how to deal with it.And at the same time, what you should to know is to find and deal with the problem in time,guarantee the engine's nowmal working. Now, let ZZHZ tell you why the enginee is in the state of high temperature, which is as following:

1.The colling system leaking or the cooling water not enough.
2.Water-thermometer is out of work.
3.There is a lot of incrustation,making the ability of heat dissipation at the low level.
4.It is been blocked by some sundries in the shield net and airway of heat sink, making the ability of heat dissipation at the low level.
5.The belt of pumb and fan is too loose or breaked.
6.The vane of the air fan is out of shape.
7.The thermostat is broken.
8.The enginee is working for a long continue time not for a rest.

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