The Competition between China and Japan about ASEAN High-speed Railway


China steadily recommends chinese high-speed railway to worldwide.With the high speed development of its technology,the chinese high-speed railway has been praised by the international community.Faced with its great influence,there are a lot of pressure to Japan,who has a great determination on the order of ASEAN high-speed railway.

This ASEAN high-speed railway inclouds:the project to link Singapore and Malaysia,which will call for bids next year,and the planing project to link India and Thailand.In total,the whole length will reach about 10000 kilometers.

Chinese government is planing a project about high-speed railway,which is to link Yunnan Province,China and Laos,Thailand,Malaysia,Singapore,acrossing 3000 kilometers on the land of Asia.If this plan can receive,there will be more pelple trading to increase the connection between China and other southeast countries and improve the influence of China.According to the nikkei Chinese website reports,"Japan should take the order,even though zero yuan won the bid."In fact,even Japan can  calculate the bid amount,which includes the cost of building and profit,there is still a little chance for Japan to be a competitive opponent for China.

If chinese high-speed railway is received by all world people,China must purchase high performance bridge building equipments. This is a great chance for our construction machinery,especially in the marketing of bridge girder erection machine for high-speed railway.

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