Shipbuilding Gantry Crane belongs to Gantry Crane, which is used to assemble dividual part of ship as whole.
The shipbuilding Gantry Crane is functioned as lifting/drop, swing and overturn dividual part in the sky desperately. It is an outstanding demand that it is used in overturning and assembling operation. In the course of overturning operation, it relies on two trolleys. First of all, it makes the trolleys bear the dividual part of ship while it elevates the part or drops the part.
The shipbuilding Gantry Crane is used in dock and other places that is to manufacture ships, which is to transfer all fittings(fillets, structural steel, steel plates and etc) which is on vessel to manufacturing sites. It is commanded that it can complete the transferring task as quickly as possible in a quite long road. Thus, it the the ground area of dock and the principle that both crane can not influence each at works that decides the amount of cranes.