ZZHZ mainly produces construction machinery and hoisting machinery, such as gantry crane , bridge girder launcher ect. So ZZHZ can give some advice to us. 
According to "Special Equipment Safety Monitor Terms" and the relevant provisions: In the installation process of special equipment to the construction site before the host city and Technical Supervision Team inform the procedures for the installation, the installation process accepted by the local special prosecutor inspection, to be installed by the end of Inspection by the local special prosecutor after issuing the "Safety Inspection Certificate", if no the relevant procedures, it would be under a fine of 5-20 million under supervision of the local government.
Special equipment belongs to the higher security requirements of equipment, in order to circumvent the installation and use of accident risks and reduce accidents users and the loss of units installed, the existing Chinese People's Insurance, Ping An Insurance have "all the construction and installation works insurance ", "machinery damaged and insurance" and "Special equipment third party liability insurance", which are for users can choose.