The condition of mechanism can affect the running of  gantry crane directly, and also has a close relationship

with the life of parts and safe production.

Therefore, user and maintenance man must check the condition of lubricating points,

and then replenish or change the lubricating oil or grease regularly.
1. The distribution of lubricating points
(1) hook sliding wheel shaft  (2) pulley and fixed pulley shaft    (3)steel rope
(4) Reducer (5) bearing box (6) motor bearing (7) nodes of arrester
 (8) Upper and down sliding wheel shaft of grab and coupling shaft
2. Condition and material of lubrication
Gantry crane must adopt the suitable grease, lubricate regularly, replace the grease and

keep cleanliness of lubricating installation and lubricating points. T

he lubricating time and material can refer to the following table.
2. In order to keep the brake working normally, the hydraulic brake should has enough hydraulic oil.

                                                                   The lubricating time and material of main parts





Lubricating time




Steel rope

A time 15~30days,or determined by the lubricating degree of using

(1)the lubricating oil is heated  to 80~100℃. And then daub it on points until saturation(2)daubing without heated

Calcium-based lubricating grease(GB443-56)



Changed each quarter at primary stage,or changed half or a year according to the condition of the oil


Machinery oil(GB443-84)N46
machinery oil(GB443-84)N32(summer)


Gear couplings

A time three months

winter(not less than-20℃)

synthetic calcium-based lubricating grease(sty1409-76)


rolling bearing

A time 3~6个months


Ball bearing lubricating grease(sty1409-76)


Roll crankset

Added enough when major overhaul


Calcium-based lubricating grease(GB491-65)



Annual overhaul or major overhaul

(1)common electromotor
(2)class H insulationandhot and humid areas

Ball bearing lubricating grease (st1514-B2)