1. Four sets of end stops and stroke limiting devices should be mounted at the end of the travel.
2. All limiters should be complete, sensitive and valid.
3. The rope guide should move flexibly and the automatic stop should be sensitive and reliable.
4. The guard (cover) of the exposed drive unit should be intact and complete and there should be a rain cover.
5. The door to the gantry crane and that between the cab and the bridge should be equipped with electrical interlock for safety protection, so that all mechanisms of the gantry crane stop working when any door is opened.
6. When the tracks of the crane running mechanism are laid on the working face or on the ground, the gantry crane should be equipped with rail sweeps which are no more than 10 mm from the rail surface.
7. There should be a non-self-reset emergency power-off switch which can be easily operated by the driver.
8. Single-girder gantry cranes with the hook released on the side of the girder should be equipped with anti-rollover safety hook. During normal operation of the trolley, ensure an appropriate gap between the safety hook and the girder, and there is no jamming during running.
9. The lifting mechanism for hot metals should be fitted with two sets of height limiters. The two sets of switches should operate in an asynchronous manner and control different circuit breakers or adopt different structures; they should function reliably and effectively.
10. When the cab of a bridge crane is located at the slide wire end of the gantry crane running mechanism, guard plates should be established between the ladder and platform leading to the crane and the slide wire, as well as below the end carriage of the slide wire end.